Friday, December 5, 2008

"Boy George" Strikes Blow for False Imprisonment: True Imprisonment Strikes Back!

Boy George guilty of false imprisonment
Published - Dec 05 2008 06:40AM CST | AP

A jury convicted pop singer Boy George Friday of falsely imprisoning a male escort.

Norwegian Audun Carlsen, shown above left, twice, had alleged he was restrained with handcuffs by the musician at the singer's London apartment on April 28, 2007.

Carlsen, 29, also accused the former Culture Club frontman of swinging a metal chain at him as he fled the singer's flat after a naked photo shoot.

Shown here in a an earlier file photo, and during sentencing, the singer has ballooned into a veritable blimp, possibly weighing more than 350 pounds or less.

Jurors saw photos of welts on Carlsen's head and injuries to his arm, which he said had been inflicted by O'Dowd, 46. O'Dowd said he couldn't account for the injuries.

The judge suggested he might have time to remember whilst sitting in the slammer. The singer told the judge he could go fuck himself. George's attorney said the remark might have angered the judge, resulting in a longer sentence. "You can't very well tell a magistrate hearing your case to go fuck himself and expect a lenient sentence."

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