Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Black Dress

The high school daughter of a friend of mine wanted me to ask my blog readers if they thought her prom dress was too revealing. Her mom doesn't want her to wear it but I said I thought it was fine. There is nothing wrong with having large breasts and she should not be expected to dress like a nun just because she has them. If any of you care to vote, I think it would help me broker a deal between the mom and her daughter. I've told them both I'd need some time alone with each of them to help straighten things out. For example, I think it would be important to know if they are real. She wouldn't want to be known as a phony. There's only one way to tell for certain. I'll have to lift them up and check for any tell-tale scars on the undersides. This may require some extensive palpation if the scars have dimmed. To gain a better perspective yourself, click on the picture for an enlarged view.**

I may be a little biased but I've always contended every woman should have a little black dress for those special occasions. You only have one high school prom in life and you want it to be memorable. The girl has a very cute smile and I believe with this little black dress to compliment it, she will be well-remembered by all her classmates, and she has a great personality, too.

**Since this article was first published we have received a number (well, one, but that's a number)of complaint(s)from the prospective President-Elect of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)that because of the suggestion of possible examination and palpation of the breasts of the young woman modeling the little black dress, under unsupervised conditions, could lead to the revocation of the social work license of anyone reading this blog or even having a casual acquaintance with the editor of the blog. In the future, the policy of this blog shall be that if anyone's personal body parts are to be examinined or palpated prior to their discussion or depiction herein, a gay-lesbian, cross-dressing, tri-sexual,hermophroditic, sado-masochistic, formerly straight, now twisted, sexually indeterminate individual will be present at all times during any such examination to insure the sexually puerile, completely non-stimulative and boring nature of the process. [This message is approved by the United Grapefruit Pickers Association of E. Timor)

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  1. I personally think the dress does not expose enough of the girl's bosom. It's like only one of her boobs is really hanging out. The second boob needs more exposure.