Sunday, December 14, 2008

Obese Woman Loses Navel. Stranger Finds It.

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Killeen, Texas 12/14/08 AP

A woman in Central Texas reported the "theft" of her navel, or belly button. She told police she had always had it with her but it suddenly disappeared, and she was concerned that she would look "odd" in a bikini without a navel. Police were skeptical of the woman's story and wondered if she had a mental disability or was using drugs. However, the woman appeared sober and in control of her faculties. The woman provided police with a sketch of the missing navel, which she described as approximately 2 inches in diameter.

To placate the woman, a police artist replicated the woman's sketch of her navel and about 25 posters were distributed in the precinct, requesting anyone discovering or spotting the missing belly button to report it to the police. Three days later a man walked into the precinct station and excitedly told the officer on duty that he had discovered the purloined navel and could take the police to show them its location.

Thinking the man probably was as daffy as the woman reporting the missing navel, two officers nevertheless accompanied the man to the nearby scene. The officers were shocked to discover the man was telling the truth. The accompanying photo clearly reveals the navel and also explains why the woman believed it to be stolen. She was greatly relieved when the police, with the aid of a large mirror, showed her her belly button.

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