Friday, December 5, 2008

Arizona Man Tries to Change Speed Limit With a Pickax?

Important Update: Psychiatrist Comments on Attempted Unilateral Speed Limit Change.

GLENDALE, Ariz.(AP) A 26-year-old man faces criminal charges after being accused of using a pickax to attack a speed enforcement camera recently installed along a Phoenix-area freeway.

The state Department of Public Safety said Travis Munroe Townsend was arrested and booked into jail Thursday on a charge of felony damage and misdemeanor counts of interference with a traffic control device and criminal trespass.

The DPS said a motorcycle officer parked under an overpass heard loud banging noises and saw a man swinging a pickax at a stationary camera late Wednesday night.

According to DPS, the camera wasn't damaged but it needed a new protective cover.

According to a DPS psychiatrist, the arrestee will need a new bodily restraint device, commonly known as a strait jacket.

A DPS spokesman did not immediately respond when asked whether Townsend has an attorney. The spokesman first had to be kicked awake by the reporter and then only answered with a grunt that sounded like WTF.

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