Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Women Fail in Attempt to Use Flawed Internet Armed Robbery Guide

How To Get Busted In One Easy Download

Cops: Suspects printed out armed robbery blueprint from Internet

DECEMBER 12--After a trio of Ohio women was busted earlier this week following a botched robbery attempt, cops searched the group's getaway car and discovered printed instructions downloaded from the Internet that detailed "How To Commit Armed Robbery In Six Easy Steps." The seized instructions, a copy of which is displayed above, were printed Monday morning at 10:16, about 11 hours before the women sought to hold up the Dollar Tree store in Bedford Heights. When a manager claimed that she could not open the store safe, the alleged robbers--Jocelyn Addison, 19; Nia McBrayer, 21; and Jenniffer Watson, 18--departed empty-handed. Though the downloaded robbery guide did not appear to be very professional, the suspects, who did not appear to be very smart, had masks, a plan, and a bb gun, and apparently followed some of its suggestions. According to a December 8 Bedford Police Department report, Addison, McBrayer, and Watson were apprehended in a vehicle about a mile from the convenience store. Each woman was charged with robbery.

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