Friday, December 19, 2008

Midnight Rambler II

It's not midnight and I'm not doing much rambling because I'm house and dog sitting whilst Bobbie, my partner, rambled off with one of her daughters and a granddaughter, to visit another daughter and her partner, T.J. in the buzzing metropolis of Granbury, Texas. For those of you not familiar with Granbury you haven't missed much.

But the big news today once again comes from the backwoods of Alaska, where former V.P. candidate, bible thumping, tough talking, wolf killing, expense padding, cosmetics queen, holier than thou Sarah Palin and her family and friends once again show America the true meaning of family values, and the Christian spirit.

Sarah, who only recently made similar headlines when she was photographed shitting in the woods (savanna, actually) in Africa, got the cheerful news that her soon to be in-law and God fearing mother of that wholesome young man who knocked up Sarah's teenage daughter, was arrested and charged with seven counts of narcotics violations. Good family values, you know, Christian woman, honest and dumb as a hunk of asphalt. So it would appear that Sarah's dream of becoming the first female leader of the free world, masquerading as President of the U.S., suffered a major set-back.

So it goes.

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