Saturday, December 20, 2008

"I lost my heart in San Fran....a carwash?

PAW PAW, Mich.(AP) Pathologists who examined a heart found this week at a southwestern Michigan car wash still haven't determined whether it came from a human or an animal. They plan to submit the organ for DNA testing in an effort to find out once and for all. The owner of Soapy's Car Wash in Paw Paw discovered the heart Monday on the floor of a manual car wash bay.

In a photograph released by the police (see inset above) it did not appear very difficult to determine what kind of heart it is. It is clearly labeled and came from an English speaking person named Adam.

A police spokesperson, Betty Braveheart, told reporters that the police already had received 10-12 calls from individuals asking for a description of the heart because they had recently lost their own hearts. Police decided to release a photo of the heart to assist anyone who might know the heart's owner or have knowledge of how and why the heart was left in a carwash. "It's a little spooky when you think about it," said Braveheart, who acknowledged having lost her own heart several years ago, to an underage Mexican scuba diving instructor. "He was gorgeous," said Braveheart, "and we made mad, passionate love, on the beach, in a hammock, in a pink jeep, in a church, in a booth in a bar, and on the steps of city hall, but my heart never physically left my body."

Local doctors said the lost heart is about the size of a human heart, but they couldn't tell for sure whether it actually came from a person.

Paw Paw Police Chief Patrick Alspaugh told the Kalamazoo Gazette more may be known about the heart within a week or two from the pathologists at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. "If we've got someone running around Paw Paw without a heart, we'd like to get their heart back to them as quickly as possible," said the chief.


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