Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crack in Toilet Seat Causes "Crack" Expansion

This item just in from one of our favorite Bizarre Stuff bloggers in Montana, whose name I am not permitted to reveal because he is under federal investigation for concealing the results of a GAO 3-year investigation of the Kohler toilet fixture company for using low-grade materials in its most popular model of commercial toilet seat: The Grab Ass. Here's the story.

NJ woman sues Pa. sports bar for toilet seat break
December 4, 2008

ALLENTOWN, Pa.—A woman is suing a Pennsylvania sports bar and restaurant, saying she got stuck inside a toilet bowl for 20 minutes after the seat broke.
Kathleen Hewko of Delran Township, N.J., says she was in the bathroom at Starters Pub near Allentown when the handicapped toilet seat she was sitting on cracked and dumped her into the bowl. She said she called for help but no one came.

Hewko says in her lawsuit filed in federal court in November that she had hip surgery prior to the Nov. 19, 2006, incident and was re-injured when the seat broke.
Her lawsuit also claims her crack was cracked and she will need a hemorrhoidectomy. The lawsuit names Starters and Kohler Co., the company that made the toilet seat.
Representatives from both companies said they couldn't comment.

A local distributor of Kohler products, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the stuck woman weighed more than 400 pounds and the Kohler toilet seats were rated 350 pound maximum. He said the only toilet that would safely accommodate grossly obese people like Hewko, would be a steel reinforced concrete toilet with a steel seat, such as are now widely used in France to accommodate obese American tourists. (See photo inset) Ms. Hewko said, "I ain't putting my precious butt on no damn steel and concrete toilet. I'd rather squat and do it in the road."

Her attorney was not available to comment, now or ever, according to his secretary.

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