Saturday, February 21, 2009

Angry Woman Trashes Dating Service Office

Valdivia, Utah AP 2-21,2009

An angry female client of a Utah dating service (see photo above) became enraged when the agency failed to find a man interested in dating her. She turned over plants, threw a paper shredder through a glass window, emptied file cabinets, tore out phone lines, and demanded that the manager of the dating service take her out dancing, and more, that night if he was unable to produce a good looking, hot man for her to date.

When the manager tried to explain that the service made no guarantees and that he was a happily married man with three children, the woman pushed him over backwards to the floor and began tearing his clothes off. A female employee tried to leave the office to summon help, but was grabbed by the unhappy client, chained to a water cooler and informed that she was next. Terrified, a pregnant female employee's water broke and she went into labor. Her friend, chained to the water cooler, tried to reach her to be of assistance and tipped over the five gallon water cooler. Combined with the water from the pregnant woman, the floor was covered in water and the manager complained that his suit was getting ruined.

At this time the mail delivery man entered the office and, on seeing the woman trying to mount the manager, proclaimed that she was the woman he had been looking for for 10 years. The dazed client got up off the manager and embraced the postal worker. The pair left the office arm in arm amid cheers from the relieved office staff. The pregnant woman scooped her water from the floor into a waste basket and was driven to the nearest hospital in Provo by her co-worker.

Meanwhile, nearby businesses had noticed the broken window and called the sheriff's office, who arrived shortly after the pair left. The agency manager declined to press charges against the angry client, saying she was only frustrated, which was understandable because she had not had sex in over 15 years. "That's why we're in business," said the manager. "She'll be a happy camper tonight."

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