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Lunch At Upscale Australian Hotel Turns Shitty

(Sample poop - not the actual dollop originally served Mrs. Whyte)

Sydney, October 26, 2008...3:54 am
Coogee Bay Hotel Is In A Whole Lot Of Sh*t!

How much would you want for eating someone else’s shit? Seems Coogee Bay Hotel reckons $5,000 should do it! Jessica Whyte’s thinking was more like $1 million after she was served up human feces on her ice cream. Mrs. Whyte and her husband thought they would go to the iconic Coogee Hotel with their kids for a light lunch. All was going well, until Mrs Whyte scooped up what she thought was a dollop of chocolate (see photo) on top of her ice cream and put it in her mouth. From there, it all just went rapidly down hill. The moment the spoon touched her lips she knew. The smell was evidently horrific. After she let her friend have a whiff, she screamed “Oh my god, they’ve served you s***.”

The Whytes alleged that someone in the hotel had defecated on their food. They confronted staff about the offending ice cream before taking the evidence down to the local police station. From there it was submitted to the Health Department, which confirmed their worst fears, “the sample has an offensive odour and physical properties similar to human excreta”. The hotel offered the family $5,000! But the Whytes countered for a great deal more. Mr. Whyte believes the incident was a deliberate act of retaliation after he fought with the staff over ice creams he originally bought in the venue for his children, and for complaints they made about the loud music.

The hotel claims that if “the incident did happen as claimed, then it may well have been an act of industrial sabotage — with the hotel as a victim alongside your family” (yeah, but no one from the hotel ate shit, did they?). This incident is wrong on so many levels.

(Follow up to this story in December, 2008, revealed that DNA testing of the ice cream topping determined the poop in question was supplied by a female. But the sample was not large enough to trace it to any one individual. The Hotel ultimately settled the whole shitty matter with Mrs. Whyte for a reported $50,000.)

Mrs. Whyte declined to answer a reporter's question whether or not she thought the $50,000 had helped alleviate any bad taste left by the incident. She terminated the interview abruptly.

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