Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post Valentines and the Health Risks from Edible Underwear.

Candie Panties Made from Sugar Beads (Not recommended for diabetics - What the hell, why not?)

Edible underwear is not a new idea. Next to no underwear at all, it is the preferred second choice of billions of men everywhere. Ever since Adam took a nip or two out of Eve's fig leaf, men have feigned hunger in order to eat their mate's underwear. Among men, the idea of eating one's way to the golden fleece has always held great appeal. Women, too, needn't feel left out when they can give their sweety a Valentines gift of edible jock straps, complete with locker room odor and green mold, to tantalize their olfactory organs and taste buds. For the more sqeamish, there also are cherry flavored jockey shorts and banana boxers.

Valentines seems to bring out the taste for tasty underpants like no other holiday. More edible women's underwear is sold on Valentines than on Veteran's Day and Flag Day combined.

But wouldn't you know some curmudgeon would come along and try to ruin it.

Health Risks of the Munchable Munch Covers

For the women:

As sugar is a favorite food of yeast, it is advisable to avoid contact between sugar and the vagina, or the woman may risk a yeast infection. When edible underwear will be touching the vagina, care should therefore be taken to ensure it does not contain sugars. So the next time you visit the Sex Shop, be sure to ask for sugar free underwear.

For Men and Women:

There is also danger to the edible underwear eater- as there are food illnesses related to eating something that has touched the anus. So watch out, men, for those stawberry/banana string bikinis, coated with artifical chocolate. You could be getting more than you bargained for.

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