Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pet Chimp Loses It, Goes Berserk and Rips Face Off of Female Victim

Travis relaxes in his room.

Stamford, Conn. Feb. 17

A 14 year-old pet Chimpanzee named Travis, who starred in television commercials when he was younger, lost his cool during the visit of a guest to the home of his owner, Sandra Herold. The 200 pound chimp attacked the guest, Charla Nash, and essentially tore her face off. Travis was summarily executed at the scene by a local police officer, without being charged, read his Miranda rights or being permitted to consult with an attorney. Civil Rights organizations questioned the denial of Travis' constitutional rights, until leaning that he does not have any.

Travis, who lived with Ms. Sandra Herold, a widow, knew how to bathe and dress himself, use the toilet, and brush his teeth with a waterpik. He ate at the dinner table with Ms. Herold, drank wine from a stemmed glass and ate lobster, steak and ice cream. He knew how to log on to his computer to view photos. He watched television for entertainment and knew how to channel surf using the remote control. He rode in a car every day and knew how to open and close doors.

Prior to the attack on Ms. Nash, Travis never had shown any signs of aggression. He had experienced anxiety and at the time was taking Xanax, a popular anti-anxiety drug widely used for the treatment of anxiety in humans. Travis did not have a prescription for the drug.

Funeral arrangements for Travis have not yet been announced.

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