Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(Sample of six other children - not the children of the woman mentioned in the story.)

February 1, 2009 UPP

A California woman who already has six children, gave birth to octuplets two days ago, giving her a total of 14 young children. The woman, who has never been married has been diagnosed with obsessive foetal-hogging syndrome, an extremely rare (she is the only observed case) mental illness which causes her to be obsessed with the concept of having babies.

All of her previous children were by en vitro fertilization and none of the children have legal fathers. When asked by reporters if she now was satisfied with fourteen children, the woman said, "Oh, no. I'd like to set a world record. I'd like to birth 100 babies." When told that would not be biologically possible, she replied, "It is if I have them eight at a time."

The woman's mother, who agreed to speak to reporters only on condition of maternity, said her daughter had been "obsessed" with the idea of having babies since she was a young girl. "She owned more than 50 dolls and would spend hours grooming each of the dolls," accordings to the woman's mother. "When I tell people I have 14 grandchildren but only one child who has never been married they look at me strangely and try to leave as soon as possible."

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