Friday, February 20, 2009

Beehive Hairdo Almost Leads to Murder and Causes Near Riot

(Not the original woman. Photo courtesy The Hair Archives)

Woman OK after bullet ends up in her hair weave

Published - Feb 19 2009 10:37PM CST

Other than having a bit of a headache, a Kansas City woman was uninjured after a bullet fired at her ended up tangled in her hair weave. Police said the 20-year-old woman was in a convenience store parking lot late Wednesday when a man flagged her down and told her that her ex-boyfriend still loved her.

She replied, "Well I sure as hell don't love him. He's a pig," then heard gunshots. She said she looked behind the vehicle and saw her ex-boyfriend firing a handgun at her. She stomped her accelerator and fled, then turned into another parking lot and called police.

She told officers she recently had ended an eight-month relationship with the suspect, who she described as a pig.

A forensic expert required over an hour to extract the bullet from the woman's hair, which he described as resembling an actual beehive. "It had an opening in the top for the bees to fly in and out. I guess her head was full of honey. I would have thought all that buzzing in her head would driven her crazy."

Police arrested the ex-boyfriend and his friend in a car. The ex-boyfriend denied any intent to harm the woman. "I just wanted to knock that damn stupid hairdo off her head," he told police. "Every time I got in the sack with her, her head would sound like it was about to buzz off. That's one hell of a distraction if you get my drift. She claimed the sound of all them little bees getting in on in her hair really turned her on."

The boyfriend was to be arraigned the following morning for tortious interference with a commerial beehive. His friend was also jailed and expected to be chanrged as an accessory in what court gossipers were referring to as: "The Great Buzz-Off."

A lawyer for the SPCA told reporters and a small crowd that the bees were being unlawfully detained because they had not committed any crime of their own. A police spokesman told the lawyer to "buzz off." This brought a laugh from observers until the irate lawyer pulled out his own personal taser gun and began to taser them. The police officer then began to taser the lawyer, whose companion began to scream, "police brutality" and threw a full coloscopy bag at the officer.

In the ensuring melee, the boyfriend, his accomplice and the bees all escaped.

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