Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snellville Mayor Trys to Avoid Larry Craig Syndrome

Mayor has police escort him to the restroom
Published - Feb 10 2009 03:51PM EST

Snellville politics have reached a low point. Jerry Oberholtzer, the mayor of the Atlanta suburb, has been asking for police escorts to the restroom in City Hall after a verbal altercation with city council member Robert Jenkins a few months ago. Oberholtzer says he no longer feels comfortable around Jenkins. "I'm worried he might try to shoot me or at least make it look like I was another Senator Craig. "I'm as straight as a ruler," said the mayor.

Jenkins says the mayor has no reason to worry for his physical safety or being exposed as a homosexual, and should only "fear me as a political opponent." The mayor has even had police Chief Roy Whitehead escort him to the restroom. Chief Whitehead said it wasn't a role he really enjoyed and was not in his job description. "I'm not really a big toilet kind of guy," he indicated. He added that he had requested permission to wait just outside the door if the mayor intended to do something other than urinate.

Jenkins and Oberholtzer have butted (no pun intended) heads for years. Last week, the mayor sent pictures of what he said are code violations at one of Jenkins' properties to police. Authorities issued a warning to the councilman to clean up by March 1 or face jail time. Jenkins then sent the mayor an email, telling him to "just keep his pecker in his pants."

An average citizen was asked about the ongoing rivalry between the mayor and council member. He suggested the pair have an old-fashioned duel to the death.

Another reader offered to provide the mayor with some heavy duty toe tappers, shown above, for restroom visits.

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