Thursday, February 26, 2009

New, Unavailable Profanity Filters Remove Half of TV Dialogue - Factory Seconds Filter All Profanity Except Shit & Fuck.

TV Guardian
Profanity Filtering Tools

The TV Guardian automatically detects and filters profanity and other offensive phrases while you watch movies or television shows.

* Watch Movies Profanity Free
* Watch TV Profanity Free
* Control The Content Allowed In Your Home

The TV Guardian Set-top Box can filter profanity from. . .
DVD Players, VCRs, Standard Satellite & Cable TV *

Sit back and relax, while you and your Holy Roller family enjoy such popular television shows as Deadwood, Californication, and Real Life Hookers, almost profanity free.*

TV Guardian units are not currently available. To be notified when this product becomes available sign up for our online newsletter.

*Can't wait? See our large inventory of factory seconds. Some profanity not filtered.

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