Wednesday, June 17, 2009

British Woman, Busted in Dubai for Screwing Around, Released

June 17, 2009
Hannah Fletcher

Sally Antia, jailed for adultery in Dubai, is released

A British mother, referred to by people who know her, as a MILF, was jailed in Dubai for adultery but has been released and reunited with the husband who turned her in.

Sally Antia, 44, is thought to have flown to Australia with her husband, Vincent, after serving six weeks of a two-month jail sentence.

A source said: “Although she is British and could have flown to the UK, she decided to fly to Brisbane instead. She and Vincent were booked on the same plane.”

Mrs Antia, from Merseyside, was arrested last month as she left a hotel with her British lover, Mark Hawkins, 43, after spending six days with him. They were prosecuted under Dubai’s strict Sharia-based legal system in which adultery is punishable by jail and deportation.

Mr Antia, 48, aka the cuckold, reported his wife’s affair to the Dubai police but then did not want to press charges. “I did ask to withdraw my complaint on May 3, but was told the Government wished to proceed with the case and it was out of my hands,” he said.

He continued to visit his wife in prison and said that the relationship was amicable. Mrs Antia said in an interview that she was trying not to be “bitter” for the sake of their children.

The couple had been living in Dubai, where Mr Antia works as a pilot, for more than 12 years. While he was off flying, she was doing some flying of her own, but only up and down. The couple have two daughters aged 11 and 13. It is not known whether the girls accompanied their parents yesterday, but Mrs Antia is now banned from returning to Dubai, and it was suggested that the trip to Australia might be a permanent move in an attempt to start afresh.

Mrs Antia described her experience of jail in Dubai as being like a labour camp. “The food, when you get it, has maggots in it. The lights are on all day and night. I am frightened and I feel totally abandoned,” she said last month. "All you want to do is get laid and you are thrown into this stinking hell hole," she complained to reporters.

The cuckold husband declined to answer any questions, saying his wife would answer for both of them.


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