Friday, June 19, 2009

Ant Woman Has World's Smallest Waist, Appears Top-Heavy

Undated, Somewhere

Cathie Jung grew up reading about women with hour glass figures. They were so romanticized in fiction for young women that Cathie decided she wanted an hour glass figure, too. At least that's what we would like to believe. Cathie has never said what motivated her, so it's really only pure speculation on our part ...... essentially nonsense.

In reality, there probably are far more complex forces at work in Cathie's psycholgical make-up that caused her to wear extremely uncomfortable, progressively smaller corsets for years, squeezing her waist until it is only 15" in circumference, causing her to resemble a giant ant. By way of comparison, Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate pin-up, had a waist size of 22-23 inches.

No one really finds Cathie's figure attractive, very likely not even Cathie herself. She is so far out of conventional proportions as to be a freak. But once you've gone down that path as far as Cathie, there doesn't seem to be any turning back. How small can Cathie's waist actually become? Can she reach 10"? What about 5"?

We'll follow up on this story, maybe 10 years from now, if you remind us. In the interim, if you run across any men with 15" chests, send them our way. They and Cathie might like to meet, but probably not.

Oh, and this is no joke. No trick photography, no optical delusions, no barometric protusions, no transendental conclusions, just Cathie the No Waist Woman.

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