Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oops! Always Ask Before Acting

Israeli woman mistakenly junks $1 million mattress

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JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli woman mistakenly threw out a mattress with $1 million inside, setting off a frantic search through tons of garbage at a number of landfill sites, Israeli media reported Wednesday.

The woman told Army Radio that she bought her elderly mother a new mattress as a surprise on Monday and threw out the old one, only to discover that her mother had hidden her life savings inside. She was identified only as Anat, a resident of Tel Aviv.

When she went to look for the mattress it had already been taken by garbage men, she said. Subsequent searches at three different landfill sites turned up nothing.

The Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot published a picture of the woman searching through garbage at a dump in southern Israel.

Yitzhak Borba, the dump manager, told the radio station that his staff was helping the woman, saying she appeared "totally desperate." He said the mattress was hard to find among the 2,500 tons of garbage arriving at the site every day.

He said he increased security at the site to keep would-be treasure hunters at bay.

For her part, Anat said it could be worse. "People have to take everything in proportion and thank God for the good and the bad," she said.

She sounded like those blockheads standing around, gawking, after their homes have been totally destroyed by a "so-called Act of God," who thank the Lord for not taking their lives.

Sure, the daughter should have asked first. But keeping $1 million dollars in your mattress and not even telling your daughter about it in case you dumb or suspicious can you get?

Note: In an unusual and generous gesture BizarreStuff's Board of Directors voted unamously to find and donate to the old lady another old mattress that might contain her $1 million. The mattress was located in a land fill outside of Houston. No one from the BizarreStuff staff was permitted to look inside the mattress before it was shipped via FedEx to the old lady in Tel Aviv, in the hopes it may be the one that contains her money.

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