Saturday, June 6, 2009

Don't Blame the Pig - It Didn't Ask to Be A Roasted Party To The Party

NY man arrested buying drugs with slaughtered pig

Jun 05 2009 08:10PM CDT

It was a simpler sort of drug trade.

Syracuse police say a 45-year-old man offered a slaughtered pig as partial payment for a bag of crack cocaine.

They say two men were spotted making the deal on a street corner just before 8 p.m. Thursday. They stood under a street lamp, to make themselves more easily identifiable. They flashed thick rolls of twenties and a large baggie of crack cocaine. This was to be a big party and they wanted it known on the street that they were high rollers.

It was, because police officers on a nearby roof top were video recording the entire transaction.

Angelo Colon of Fulton was arrested on a misdemeanor drug possession charge and 42-year-old Omar Veliz faces a felony drug sale charge.

Police say Colon paid half a pig and $10 for a $50 bag of crack. Veliz told police the pig was for a celebration for a relative being released from jail.

While officers were arresting the suspects, someone took the pig.

Police don't know if the men have lawyers. A by-stander asked if they had brains.

The drug seller offered to tell police the address of the party, in exchange for a reduced charge.

Police went to the party, where they arrested the just released relative for parole violation because he was carrying a loaded gun and for possession of methamphetemines, which the man said were sort of like appetozers before the main course, the crack cocaine.

Not only was the recently released from prison relative deprived of a visit with his relatives, but he got no roasted pig and no crack either. All he got was a trip back upstate, with extended occupancy privileges.

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