Friday, June 19, 2009

Crook Follows Intended Victim to Sheriff's Dept. Where Arrested

Man or woman stupidly follows would-be victim to police

Jun 18 2009 08:13PM CDT

Illinois authorities say a Michigan man or woman was so intent on robbing a motorist that he/she stupidly followed her in his or her car straight to a sheriff's department, where s/he was arrested. Carleous Clay Jr., 26, was arrested Tuesday and remains jailed in Madison County, Ill., on charges of attempted armed robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Authorities say the Edwardsville woman called 911 saying a man or woman had tried to rob her at gunpoint when s/he pulled alongside her to ask for directions. She had her three children in the car with her.

Investigators say a dispatcher guided the woman to a nearby sheriff's department while the suspect followed. They say s/he realized too late where she was headed and was arrested a short time later.

The attorney assigned to Mr. or Ms. Clay did not immediately respond to a phone message Thursday seeking a statement. What could he say? My client is a dumb-ass?

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