Sunday, June 28, 2009

Virgin Mary Attacked - Violated in Church!

Vandals attack Virgin Mary in W.Pa. church

The Associated Press

A Virgin Mary statue in a Pittsburgh-area church has been knocked over, knocked up, again, and broken by vandals who also used orange paint to write "666" on the statue's forehead.

Rev. David Bonnar says it was "a really horrific act."

Police are searching for those who vandalized the grotto in St. Bernard Church in Mount Lebanon, a Pittsburgh suburb about seven miles from downtown.

Bonnar says the Virgin's left arm was broken along with other parts of her left side. He says the vandals also tore apart rosary beads and threw them around the grotto. He says the area has traditionally been a place for quiet prayer.

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  1. This tale has been bandied about for more than 2000 years. An immaculate conception? Gimme a break. Just like 1,000's of other teenagers before and after them, Joseph and Mary had to come up with some explanation for Mary's obviously swelling belly that wouldn't get them both grounded for a year. So they decided to make it a whopper, which 2000+ years later also became the name of a popular meat sandwich at a place called Burger King.