Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where Are Proposition Eight Supporters When You Need Them?

Homos! Sinful Homos! It's Unnatural - Rev. Dick Short

A German zoo says a pair of gay male penguins are raising a chick from an egg abandoned by its parents.

Bremerhaven zoo veterinarian Joachim Schoene says the egg was placed in the male penguins' nest after its parents rejected it in late April. The males incubated it for some 30 days before it hatched and have continued to care for it. The chick's gender is not yet known.

Schoene said the male birds, named Z and Vielpunkt, are one of three same-sex pairs among the zoo's 20 Humboldt penguins that have attempted to mate.

Homosexual behavior has been documented in many animal species.

The zoo said in a statement on its Web site Thursday that "sex and coupling in our world don't always have something to do with reproduction."

In response, the Rev. Dick Short, of the Southern Baptist Convention, said, "It most certainly is about, and only about, reproduction. These penguins are governed by unnatural vices."

Dr. Schoene said Rev. Short is a walking vice, is contagious and should be quarantined.

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