Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Bush Legacy - Hunger Stalks the Nation As Violence Hits Heartland

Police: Man attacked in Okla. for bologna sandwich. Police artist's sketch of the attacker shown above.

Jun 18,09

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - A man in Oklahoma City was attacked for his bologna and cheese sandwich. Police say 24-year-old Roger Hamilton told them he was sitting on a bus station bench Wednesday, about to put mayonnaise on his sandwich, when another man began staring at him.

Hamilton told police the man then walked up to him, punched him in the mouth, grabbed his sandwich and ran off.

Police said Hamilton had a swollen lip and his face was covered in blood. The police report listed the value of the sandwich at 76 cents, making it a misdemeanor, but with the assault charge added, a felony.

Police have not found the attacker or the sandwich, despite x-raying the stomach contents of three men arrested on other charges during the day.

A police artist's sketch of the man described by the victim (see above) was being circulated widely to snitches and police informants in various illegal businesses, on the assumption the attacker is part of a new organization of sandwich snatchers, which may or may not have formed since unemployment reached new highs in the city.

The snatch victim said the police artist's sketch was terrible: the sketch looks like a woman and the man who snatched his sandwich was not wearing glasses, either. He said he thought the sketch artist might have been high on something when making the sketch.

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