Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woman Has Brilliant Inspiration - Still Taken to County Lock-Up

Accused Prostitute Says She Only Charges Men for her Company, Not for Sex

Ashley Hollin, of Lake County, Fla believed she had discovered a loophole in Florida's prostitution law. When arrested in a hotel room naked with a naked man she calmly explained to the arresting officer that she doesn't charge men for sex, only for her "company." She said she and John Doe were old high school friends and that they went to dinner after the H.S. reunion. On leaving the restaurant, she said Mr. Doe twisted his back getting into the car and was in severe pain so she drove him to his hotel and came up to give him a back rub.

When asked why they both needed to be naked to rub his sore back, she explained she was using a special oil that had to be applied to both the back and front area of the body but that the oil would stain her dress unlees she removed it. "We have known each other since we both were 14; he's like a brother to me." said the suspect. "I was only trying to comfort him and alleviate his pain."

"I don't take money for sex," the 26-year-old Leesburg, Fla., resident allegedly told police, according to the Orlando Sentinel. "I take money for company and the sex is free. There's no law against giving away sex; the police would have to arrest all the women in the state, including their own wives."

The arresting officer told her she could explain all that to the judge in the morning, at her bail hearing. When she asked why only she was being jailed but her companion, Mr. Doe, was not being detained, she was told that by her own statement he hadn't done anything wrong, he was only accepting a gift from an old friend, "and that's not against the law in Florida," he said.

Harold Lupus reporting from Osaka, Japan

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