Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brooklyn Thug Tries Novel Online Customer Dis-satisfaction Approach To Boost Ranking

Vitaly Borker, Notorious Online Bully

Dec. 15, 2010

Meet Vitaly Borker - American Businessman and General Thug

The Brooklyn man was arrested by federal investigators last week on a variety of felony charges related to his operation of a web site selling eyeglasses. Borker, 34, hid his face during a perp walk, but here's a photo obtained from our secret source.

The ersatz businessman attracted national attention when he openly bragged to The New York Times that he deliberately abused and bullied customers of in order to get a higher Google search result ranking.

Borker faces decades in prison if convicted of cyberstalking, making interstate threats, mail fraud, and wire fraud. He is being held without bail at the federal detention center in Brooklyn.

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