Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pa. man stole video game from boy's casket

He's Just Making Sure You Can't Take It with You

Written by AP
PITTSBURGH (AP) 12/29/2010 8:24 AM

State police are trying to find a Pennsylvania man who they say stole a hand-held video game system and accessories from the casket of a teen who had been killed in an SUV crash on Christmas Day.

State police are not willing to comment beyond a brief news release issued Wednesday.

In the release, police say 38-year-old Jody Lynn Bennett, of Mentcle, grabbed the items from the casket of 17-year-old Bradley McCombs during a viewing Monday night at a Montgomery Township funeral home, about 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

The funeral home director and McCombs' mother aren't commenting. The suspect's aunt, Dianna Bennett, says her family is friends with the McCombs and are mortified by the theft. She tells The Associated Press she hopes police catch Bennett soon.

JOE MANDAK,Associated Press


  1. This is ridiculous. The kid has no use for the equipment six feet under and his family was selfish for not giving it to some other needy kid, or selling it to help cover funeral costs. Unless the dead kid has a water tight concrete vault the moisture would have ruined the equipment after several years anyway. Now some other kid is going to get in trouble with he law and become a lifetime criminal we'll have to support for life. I'd punish the parents, not the stealing kid who probably came from a broken home and was acting out. Sheeesh.

  2. Oh! I just remembered it was a man and not another kid. Never mind. Hang the theiving bastard.