Friday, December 10, 2010

Montana Man Fakes Own Abduction, Twice

Billings man accused of faking his own kidnapping

A 51-year-old Montana man found bound near Livingston this summer with a bag over his head has been charged with staging his own abduction.

One of the 12 men shown here could be Ellison but the editors are not sure and didn't want to risk a mistake..

Lionel Scott Ellison was arrested Wednesday and appeared in Justice Court by video from the county jail the following day. He was charged with fabricating physical evidence and something else. His arraignment was set for Dec. 23 when he will receive an unwanted gift from S. Claus.

Ellison is believed to have concocted a similar story two years ago when he told authorities he was bound, beaten and thrown into the Yellowstone River. But prosecutors said he faked that incident also to avoid sentencing in an arson case.

Ellison told investigators his more recent kidnapping was the work of “a large African American and a small, mousy Mexican".

Ellison, who stays busy breaking laws, also has several pending criminal matters in Yellowstone County, including accusations he violated a protective order involving his wife while awaiting trial on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, against his wife.

A court appointed psychiatrist reported that Ellison has the mental capacity of a small garter snake.

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