Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thanks for your support

December 26, 2010
MavScat, TX

Many thanks to you, our readers, for your support during my rehab stint.

It was truly a humbling experience. I realize I am not truly a junkie, but simply suffer from the ever so common internet-stupidity obsession suffered by surfers everywhere.

I met many good people in rehab- celebrities, politicians, preachers, and sports stars. Fortunately, this experience also provided volumes of material for Bizarre Stuff.

Freed from the confines of those four padded walls, I am now able to once again entertain myself with news of strange occurrences, cataclysmic upheavals, men jumping on cops' backs and demanding free public transport to Cuba, penis and vagina festivals in Japan, abandoned and barbecued grandmothers, men having sex with their patio tables, severed arms being thrown out with the trash, feces falling from the sky, and banana ripening machines that explode in the night.

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