Monday, December 20, 2010

South Carolina Woman Killed By Flying Pothole

Young wife, mother of 2 killed by a simple pothole

Dec 19 2010

(AP Photo/Ala. Department of Public Safety)

HEFLIN, Ala. — A South Carolina woman was slain by an Alabama pothole on March 15, 2010 along a rough, crumbling section of I-20.

The errant pothole came crashing through the windshield of the vehicle in which she was riding, killing her the following day. (Look at the size of that hole in the windshield of the vehicle!)

Using federal studies, the Washington-based transportation safety advocacy group TRIP estimates the United States could save 145 lives over a decade for every $100 million spent on a variety of road safety improvements and maintenance.

The cost is high and budget crunchers question if it is worth the money. That's almost $70,000 to keep one person alive. "These people are going to die eventually, so the process is just being sped up a bit by poor maintenance by the State of Alabama,"according to a highway department official who requested anonymity. Yeah, right. Her name is Betty Smith.

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